Best places in Southern Serbia!

Pločnik archaeological sitePločnik is the Neolithic archaeological site located in southern Serbia, in the village of the same name.The Vinca culture flourished from 5500 to 4000 BC on the territories of what is now Bosnia, Serbia, Romania and Macedonia. >>Read more.

Djavolja Varos - Devil’s Town

The Djavolja Varoš Natural Landmark belongs to the village of a strange name – Djake, which comes from the Albanian word “gjak” that means blood. The village is located at 660 to 700 meters above sea level. This unusual and mystic place, which very name will chill your bones, comprises of two ravines with ominous names – Djavolja (Devil’s) and Paklena (Hell’s). >>Read more.


Niš fortress, Built both by Romans and Serbs, the fortress was razed and rebuilt several times until the Ottomans gave its final appearance in 1730. Niš is one of the rare cities in the world with an impressive fortress in the very center that hasn’t been moved for two millennia. >>Read more.

Justiniana prima 2

Justiniana prima. The city was built by the Emperor Justinian I, who was born in Southern Serbia and was known for having completed the construction of the famous basilica Sancta Sophia or Sancta Sapientia, today the mosque Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. >>Read more.

Vlasina lake and floating islands.Vlasina Lake, 12 kilometers long and 35 meters deep, is a place of exceptional beauty and interesting flora and fauna. The lake is situated on Vlasina plateau in Southeastern Serbia at 1,213 meters above sea level. >>Read more.


City of Leskovac. The thing for which Leskovac is famous for is Leskovac grilled meat, made from special beef and spices mixture. The original recipe is kept secret, and still hasn’t left the city. Leskovac Grill Festival an homage to this kind of food. >>Read more.


Beautiful places in Serbia

Rtanj mysterious mountain!

rtanj 1

The mysterious veil which looms over Rtanj is still the reason for many scientific arguments. Some say this mountain is actually an ancient pyramid, the others think it was created by nature and the third opinion is that it is a work of a higher power (Google maps location HERE ). >>READ MORE

Natural Reserve Uvac!


For centuries Uvac has been making its way through mountains leaving deep meanders and creating caves that annually attract lots of tourists. During sailing on meanders we’ll stop by Ice and Ušač caves, and the strongest of us way try to climb to the observation platform that offers one of the beautiful views in Serbia. (Google maps location HERE ). >>READ MORE

Zlatibor mountain!

Zlatibor mountain

A legend says that it was named after white pines with yellow needles like old gold that once covered the beautiful slopes of Mt. Zlatibor. Today the last “golden” pine can be seen in the village of Negbina. Its Latin name is Pinus sylvestris variegata zlatiborica. (Google maps location HERE ). >>READ MORE

Tara mountain!


The canyon of the Drina River in the north of the mountain range contributes to the already exceptional beauty of Tara. Lake Perućac on the Drina River and Zaovine lake are located at the foot of the mountain. Thanks to these extraordinary natural beauties and unique ambient, Tara is a true jewel among Serbian mountains. >>READ MORE

Vlasina lake and floating islands!


Vlasina Lake is a true hidden jewel of untouched nature and the right place for everyone eager to spend the holiday in peace and quiet, far from hustle and bustle of big cities. By visiting this lake you will enjoy the beautiful nature and cultural landmarks…(Google maps location HERE )… >>READ MORE

Djavolja Varos – Devil’s Town

Djavolja Varos - Devil’s Town

Tall stone formations of Djavolja Varoš (eng. Devil’s Town) that are actually a group of petrified wedding guests, or at least that is what a legend tells, were nominated for one of the New seven wonders of nature… >>>READ MORE

Lazar’s canyon!

Lazar’s canyon

The canyon of the Lazar’s river, better known as Lazar’s canyon, is the most impressive canyon in Eastern Serbia….>>READ MORE

Djerdap gorge!


Iron Gates National Park is rightly called the greatest naturalistic and archaeological museum in Europe. This natural phenomenon of fascinating beauty and incredible geological diversity shyly bears the title. >>READ MORE

Lepenski Vir!

SerbienLepinski Vir

Cultural center of prehistoric world was right here in what today is Serbia. The culture of Lepenski Vir is around 8,5 millennia old and it is a cradle of archaeological discoveries that have changed our knowledge about the early Stone Age in Europe. >>READ MORE

Golubac fortress!

Golubac Fortress

Like a sad, lonely Byzantine princess, like an eternal vigilant guard by whom no one can slip into the Djerdap gorge (eng. The Iron Gates of the Danube), the famous Golubac fortress has been defying centuries. >>READ MORE


3M guest house Vlasina lake

3M guest house Vlasina lake

About us

Vlasina like is a very accessible lake and as such offers plenty of places to stay by the water. In the summer, the water is good for swimming, allowing all day fun. The months for bathing water are July, August and the first half of September. The lake is 13km long and 1 to 4km wide. We have a boat for sightseeing and exploring the lakes, stays on deserted natural beaches, two static trips to the islands of Dugi Del and Stratoria, as well as unique peaty floating islands of about 200, the largest of which is Mobi Dick, which is long 400m wide and 100m to 200m wide.


The Vlasina Lake, with impeccable clean water, is an ideal habitat for many species of fish: trout, amur, catfish, carp, chub, woodpecker, lionfish, carp, spearfish and perch. With us you will get all kinds of information about the species, weather and places on the lake, as well as go organized fishing for the desired species of fish. Fishing for trout and chub is by pulling the blinker out of the boat, fishing for larger species of carp, catfish, both from the shore and from the boat. It is possible to catch a lot of small fish in a certain period: bites, baboons, woodpeckers, chub.

Sports days

Vlasina is ideal for cycling and motorcycle offriding, as there are roads around the entire lake, where there are no great climbs, although it is good for professionals because there are various terrains. Vlasina is located at 1260m above sea level, which is the most ideal altitude for sports activities. In addition to cycling, there are exceptional courts for running and fitness, swimming, hunting, fishing and various other recreational activities that can be practiced on the beach. Of course, there is also the winter period, which offers the possibility of skiing and staying in the winter idyll. From the skiing grounds, we can now list the ski school grounds and freestyle, due to the lack of lifts. The lake is frozen in winter, so you can go on the ice, the ice is 30 to 90 cm thick, which is a real experience.

* 3 Double rooms
* 7 Triple rooms
* 6 Quadruple rooms
* All rooms have a bathroom
* 2 Summer gardens
* Natural summer cottages
* Billiards room with music for various types of relaxation
* Natural summer cottages
* Large parking

Pansion 3M has a professional kitchen to prepare local specialties for your guests, where you will be able to taste many specialties of healthy food from the very bottom of Vlasina.

* Bed & Breakfast
* Half board: breakfast and lunch
* Half board: breakfast and dinner
*Guest house

Our offer

PLEASE CONTACT US ABOUT THE PRICES, BECAUSE THEY vary depending on the length of your stay and the year


  Address: Vlasina Rid, Jončina Mahala
Phone: +381 62 278 453

How to reach us !

If you are already here, don’t miss…

Taking a ride along the lake on one of the floating islands and visiting the Palja monastery as well as the church in the Božica village.

Alex Parvanov

Very polite hosts and nice forest view.

branislav mandic

(Translated by Google) Quiet place, large grassy yard, natural shade under the woods for your vehicle … kind hosts

Christo Kabadaev

(Translated by Google) The hosts are very cordial and welcoming. The prices are very decent and the rooms are nice. It is close to the lake, but there is a 300-400 meter dirt road to the hotel. There is no permanent restaurant, but the hosts are ready to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner on request and for a nominal fee.

more impression ratings on the following link >>HERE<<


Vlasina lake and floating islands

Vlasina lake and floating islands 1

Vlasina lake, a true undiscovered jewel with floating peat islands, is the perfect location for peaceful holiday far from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Floating peat islands on the water surface with color changing from light gray to dark blue offer a unique experience. This rarity of nature can be seen on Vlasina Lake, the highest and the biggest artificial lake in Serbia, known for its crystal clear water reflecting the surrounding forests and mountains.

The lake was created by waters of two incoming rivers, the Vlasina and the Vrla, and its beauty was mentioned for the first time in the 18th century.

Significant cultural and historical landmarks can also be seen around the lake.

Vlasina Lake is a true hidden jewel of untouched nature and the right place for everyone eager to spend the holiday in peace and quiet, far from hustle and bustle of big cities.

By visiting this lake you will enjoy the beautiful nature and cultural landmarks and you will be stunned by something truly unusual – the “floating islands”. Two cubic meters of the purest water from the rivers Vlasina, Vrla, Jerma, Božička reka, Lisinska reka, Ljubotenska reka, Strvna and Čemerčica with its 110 tributaries, empty into the lake each minute.

Vlasina lake and floating islands 2Vlasina Lake, 12 kilometers long and 35 meters deep, is a place of exceptional beauty and interesting flora and fauna. The lake is situated on Vlasina plateau in Southeastern Serbia at 1,213 meters above sea level.

It is an artificial lake created in the fifties of the 20th century when the peat bog was closed by a dam. Swift flowing mountain rivers feed the lake with water of the best quality, making it ideal for bathing, water sports and fishing. Vlasina Lake abounds in fish, predominantly cat fish, carp, bass and trout.

The lake has two islands – Stratorija (it existed before the dam was built) and Dugi del (once it used to be a peninsula). However, the “floating islands” – pieces of cut off land floating on the Vlasina lake surface are the biggest attraction of the lake. Some bigger islands with willows and birches look like little oasis in the middle of the blue lake.

The mountain ranges of Čemernik and Vardenik surround this true paradise for nature lovers, fishermen and everyone looking for recreation and bird watching.

Small villages, perfect for relaxation in nature are set among the vast meadows, pastures, forests and streams. Surrounding mountains offer perfect conditions for winter sports, while idyllic surrounding of the Vlasina lake with tree shades is perfect for hot summer days.

Cultural sites like churches in Božica, Klisura and Crna Trava and the monastery in Palja enrich this already appealing destination offering you the opportunity to meet Serbia in a unique way.

How to get to the lake of floating islands?

If traveling from the direction of Belgrade take the E-75 highway to Niš, and then via Babušnica and Crna Trava you will get to Vlasina Lake. The distance from Belgrade to this lake is 350 km, from Niš it is 119 km, from Skoplje 143 km, and 157 km from Sophia.


If you are already here, don’t miss…

Taking a ride along the lake on one of the floating islands and visiting the Palja monastery as well as the church in the Božica village.

The summer provides the most opportunities for a quality vacation. Walks, cycling, a stay on the water, boat rides, swimming, fishing, picking forest fruits and herbs, getting to know the mountain peaks which surround the lake are all activities you shouldn’t miss.

In winter, besides the walks on the frozen lake try out the terrains of the surrounding mountains Čemernik and Besna kobila which are good for Jet-skiing, snow mobiles, skiing and sledding.

Biker friendly place in the neighborhood is 3M guest house

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