Natural Reserve Uvac


The Reserve is located between mountains Javor and Zlatar and covers surface of Uvac Lake and part of the River Uvac. The main attraction of the Reserve is the habitat of Griffon vulture. During this tour you will have the opportunity to observe these fantastic birds in their natural environment. Griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus) is relatively rare species of bird of prey whose population in Uvac Reserve is the biggest in Europe. Bird’s wing span is about 3m, weight – up to 11 kg which makes this griffon biggest bird in Serbia.

Uvac-meandriUvac meanders

Griffon vulture is not the only attraction of the Reserve; this is why the tour goes on a water way from the dam up to meanders. For centuries Uvac has been making its way through mountains leaving deep meanders and creating caves that annually attract lots of tourists. During sailing on meanders we’ll stop by Ice and Ušač caves, and the strongest of us way try to climb to the observation platform that offers one of the beautiful views in Serbia.

How to get there!

Depending on which side of the river you are going to, we suggest two locations with the best views.

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