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That Turkish Empire is about to fall, dynasties Karađorđević and Obrenović to emerge, and telegraph, telephone and television to come to Serbia are just some of the events which were foreseen by Serbian prophets- Tarabić family.

Among thick, green hills of the two mountain beauties Zlatibor and Tara, there is a mystical pit of a magical beauty and undescribable energy. In the 19th century, this soil exactly, was inhabited by a family whose predictions and wise thoughts are still hot topics. Spasoje Trabić and his four sons, Miloš, Sava, Lazar and Milan had predicted numerous events- some of them had happened, and for some people still wait to happen.

There are few explanations about the magical power of prediction Tarabići are known for. The most expanded one is based on the Kremna stone or the Cosmic ball. That is, it is believed that once upon a time, this village was flooded by millions of stones from the space which had radiated with the energy that causes the clairvoyance. One smooth stone ball is kept and is settled in Prophet’s home, near the village.

House of the Tarabic family 2Even more important things than how and why Tarabić family was clairvoyant are events that they had foreseen and how much had their thoughts influenced the lives of future generations. According to the traditional legends, this family had always been respected by the residents of Kremna and surrounding places. One of them seeked the advice from them, other wanted them to explain them certain events, while some of them just wanted to listen wise thoughts of Kremna’s prophets.

The most famous members of the family were Miloš and Mitar. Some sources tell that other prophets had also lived in this village and that their prophecies were also very realistic. However, Tarabić family was and still is the most famous and most accepted one. Their general acceptance reflects in the great number of correct prophecies but also in the wise thoughts of a simple Serbian farmer that had simply and picturesquely shown the reality.

That is exactly what makes these prophets unique. They had explained and foreseen some of the key events in the 19th and 20th century in a language that everyone could understand and decode. Starting with the, unthinkable at the time, downfall of the Royal Dynasty Obrenović, to a prediction that the throne will again be occupied by the Karađorđević family. Predictions had simply started to actualize one after another and that was when the entire Balkans had heard about Tarabić family.

“After the assassination of King and Queen Obrenović, Serbian throne will be taken by Karađorđević family once again. That’s when we will start a war with Turks again. Four Christian countries will attack Turkey and our border will be set at Lim River. Then we will again be able to recover and revenge our Kosovo”.

Tarabić family had foreseen the coming of telegraph, telephone and television to Serbia during the time when that was hard to imagine. Another prediction unusual for that time is related to the building of Kremna Railroad. Three decades before “Ćira” is about to go down the Shargan Eight, Mitar Tarabić had foreseen that “through the Gypsy area will pass the iron way with the iron, fire car that will always stop at the place where the Gypsy tents are ”.

Prophecies about Balkan War, World War I and II are also well known. Events that followed the Second Great War were explained to the details and very authentic: “… People with the star on the forehead will appear. They will rule Užice and these areas for exactly 73 days, and after that, before the enemy force, they will go across Drina, Uvac and Lim. When that happens, a great hunger will appear so Serbs will start wars, slaughter and murder each other. The conquering army will watch our hate and will laugh at us. A man, with blue eyes, on a white horse, will appear amongst people. The star will shine on his forehead. The enemy will hunt him accros the country. He will gather a strong army and set Belgrade free. He will push the enemy out and our kingdom will be larger than ever. Russia will make a pact with other across the sea countries, burn the swastika and set the slaved people of Europe free…“

Predictions of Josif Broz Tito’s coming to power, formation of numerous modern organizations and other key events that have marked the 20th century were also written down. Still, some of Tarabić family’s foresights have not come true until today. For example, Kruševac is still not a capital of Serbia, neither a salt mine was opened near Bajina Bašta with whose formation, according to them, Serbia should get better.

Predictions of Tarabić family were written down by their godfather Zaharije Zaharić. According to the beliefs, the original records were put in a bottle and walled into the base of a house in Užice.

Majority of their foresights hadn’t had exact dates, but they said “When it will be, will be”“It’ll happen soon”, etc. Because of that, people await some of them, and for some is known that they won’t ever come true. Either way, if you end up on the road between Zlatibor and Tara, stop by Kremna. Besides the magnificent nature, you will bump into the house of old prophets, and maybe into some secret prophecy because there are plenty of them in this small village.

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Location of Kremna

location of Kremna on the map of serbia
location of Kremna on the map of serbia