Camping Area & rest house „My Memento“


Camping Area & rest house „My Memento“


„Strazilovo and Sremski Karlovci, Fruska Gora, pretty Cortanovci“.
Cortanovci are located on the slopes of the mountain Fruska Gora the National Park. From the time of the Austro-Hungarian place is known by a very favorable micro-climate and is very healthy for asthma, lung disease etc. When in Europe tuberculosis raged, in this region that was not the case. About 16 air currents are passing through Cortanovci, due to the proximity of the Danube one current comes from the Carpathians. In Cortanovci there are remains of the Roman city of the third century, the area is inhibited with sixteen monasteries. Not far from Cortanovci are places: Sremski Karlovci Indjija, Petrovaradin (Petrovaradin Fortress), Novi Sad and Belgrade which is just 75 km distant.

About us

Cheerful property „My Memento“ was founded  in 1966.  House is categorised with four stars; around the house there is a garden of 1700 square meters with a variety of fruit and ornamental trees and flowers.

To our guests we can arrange food from the macrobiotic kitchen – meals of fruits and vegetables – organic diet foods and delicious dishes from the local cuisine. We have a camping area with toilets.

We are located in the small village in Srem called Cortanovci, in the outskirts of Fruska gora which is known as a national park with a very favorable micro-climate region.

Manycall Fruska gora Serbian Mount Athos, because it holds 16 monasteries in tight space.

The camp is visited by bikers from the Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Italy ….

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We are expecting you!

Martina Silbrnikova

It is a little camping, actually in the garden belonging to a house. The place is well maintained, the shower, toilet and kitchen have everything you need and are clean. A good place to stay for one night on your travels. Be aware the running water is not suitable for drinking. The price is 10€ pp.

Roma L.

Very kind owners. Lovely garden, best for tent and bikes, too small for big caravans. You can eat some of the fruits fresh from the trees, when you are here in the right time.

Laurens van Roomen

Very relaxed and beautiful place to stay. Friendly owners that you really connect with, after staying a few days. Dog friendly, very clean, good facilities, enough shadow and a nice location near interesting places! Definitely recommend staying here.

more impression ratings on the following link >>HERE<<

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Welcome to Camping Area & rest house „My Memento“, Serbia

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