Village Zaovine & Zaovine Lake

Believe us that we are not exaggerating when we say that visiting the mountain village and lake of Zaovine is like entering ’’a fairy-tale world full of magic and unbelievable beauty’’. You don’t believe us still? Then stay with us because we’re taking you on a tour of one of the most beautiful places in Serbia. Enjoy!

Welcome to a little mountain heaven! With countless green hills, meadows full of flowers and fascinating landscapes that look like they’ve been painted by the most skilled artist, the Zaovine village on mountain Tara is precisely that. Who wouldn’t want to be here? Google navigation to Tara Mountain >>HERE<<

It doesn’t take much to come to a conclusion of why the pictures of this small Serbian mountain village travelled across the globe. You simply can’t make a bad photo here. Luscious nature with all its bright colours and interesting mountain houses won’t let you. But, Zaovine are not only famous for their unreal natural beauty. There’s so much more to them… Google navigate to the place Zaovine >>HERE<<

The place where Pančić first saw the Serbian spruce

pančićeva omorika

This is the first of the many things that made Zaovine famous outside the borders of Serbia. Believe it or not, this is where the famous Serbian botanist Josif Pančić discovered a living fossil of flora. In 1875 in the little village of Đurići, Pančić found a new endemo-relict species of coniferous trees which he names Pančićeva omorika (binominal name: Picea omorika, common name: Serbian spruce).

This endemic species grows in a very small area, and the Zaovine are the only habitat of where Pančićeva omorika grows on metamorphic rocks. We suggest that you visit the very place where this huge discovery was made. There you can listen to the interesting story about the Serbian spruce, enjoy beautiful nature and a stunning lookout.


Google Navigation-Bilješka stena and observatory, Tara Mountain >>HERE<<

The place where a magical lake was created

In 1980, a dam was built near Zaovine and one of the main symbols of the village and of the Tara mountain was created. This was the Zaovine lake. The whole project was launched because of the Bajina Bašta hydroelectric power station, but with its realisation another thing came into being –an old prophecy from Kremna. So, what’s it about?

The Tarabić family are the most famous Serbian family of prophets who predicted that the Drina river will one day flow upstream. This prophecy seemed nonsensical for quite a long time. That is – until this magical lake was created. With water from the Drina river being pumped up to mt. Tara and then flowing down from the Zaovine lake, it seems that this prophecy came true.

This lake is a real paradise for all those who enjoy calm and intact nature. Owing to the coniferous trees surrounding the lake, this place has fresh air and the chirp of birds makes this whole ambient unique and almost unreal. The serenity of the Zaovine lake is something you simply have to experience for yourself…

The Zaovine lake
The Zaovine lake

The place where a fascinating medieval fortress used to stand

The impressive nature and dreamy Zaovine lake will surely amaze you. However, there’s one more place you mustn’t skip when visiting this mountain heaven. We’re talking about

Ravna stena

Ravna stena or Grad which adorns the valley of the Beli Rzav river. In the Middle Ages, a unique medieval fortification used to stand on this attractive natural landmark and geomorphological attraction. Google navigate to Ravna stena >>HERE<<



This place is also special because this is where a bird rare to the Balkans nests – the Peregrine falcon. Apart from that, Ravna stena is a valuable and interesting tourist attractions because it’s the home of a rare plant species called the yellow iris (Iris pseudacorus). You simply have to visit Zaovine if you happen to find yourself in this part of Western Serbia. You’ll leave with a smile on your face, full of energy and beautiful memories. That we can guarantee!

Due to their unique, rare and rich flora and fauna, Zaovine were proclaimed a landscape of outstanding features. The presence of around 600 plant species and 14 fish species has been confirmed.

Since you’re already here, don’t miss…

Banjska stena

…walking on the glades of mt. Tara and enjoying one of Serbia’s most beautiful landscapes called Banjska stena, Google navigation to Banjska stena >>HERE<<


…visiting the fascinating Mokra Gora, the magical ethno village Drvengrad and taking a ride on the famous Šargan Eight railroad.

Google navigation to Mokra Gora & Drvengrad >>HERE<<

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Location of Zaovine village and Zaovine lake

Location of Zaovine village and Zaovine lake
Location of Zaovine village and Zaovine lake