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About us !

In the heart of Backa, at the Great Backa channel, close to very interesting, picturesque and reach with tradition village called Turija, there is a farm owned by Tatic family (37 km from Novi Sad). According to the modern trends, the hosts of the Tatic farm decided to use what they have and to make their own special farm story…



Our farm also contains the restaurant, the dining hall and a terrace. There you can arrange with the hosts the homemade local food specialties at any time.


The pond covers the area of half a hectare and it is rich with mainly carps, but there are other fish as perch, catfish, pike, tench and grass carp.


In the content farms, on the surface of 4 hectares located hectare vineyard in which grown grape varieties such as Italian Riesling, and Chardonnay, which are made of high-quality wines.


The orchard is rich in various kinds of fruit, more than 500 trees,ideal for making homemade juices and brandy, homemade jam and kitnikeza.


Agriculture Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina awards the companies which have achieved an enviable level of the business organization business and relationship toward the guest in all categories, with plaques. Salaš Tatić is awarded with this plaque in 2016 for the quality of service. Salaš Tatić uses the brand Regional brand of Bachka – the mark of positive influence of the product, services and activities in rural development.


Everything you need for rest and relaxation can be found here in Tatic farm in Turija.

More information can be found on Tatic farm website >>HERE

How to reach us !

How to contact us !

Rural tourist household, Salaš Tatić

Salaš 138 Turija ( Farm 138 Turija )

+381 63 733 54 55

+381 116-54-24

Nenad Garić

Prijatno i opušteno mesto za odmor sa prijateljima i porodicom. Domaćini ljubazni, hrana ukusna, usluga odlična. ( Gogle translator: A cozy and relaxing place to stay with friends and family. The hosts are friendly, the food delicious, the service great. )

Vuk Jovanovic

Divan prostor, divni ljudi, odlicna usluga… ( Gogle translator: Lovely space, lovely people, great service … )

Damir Brankov

Savršeno mesto za svakojake prilike. Ili za begstvo iz grada da se malo opusti. ( Google translation: Perfect place for any occasion. Or to escape from the city to relax a little. )


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