Palic Lake Subotica

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Palić, lake and settlement of the same name, is located 8 km from Subotica. Secrecy of its landscape has always been locked deep in the heart of visitors. Lake, luxurious parks, eccentric buildings from the early 20th century, an unusual peace and quiet make Palić ideal place to rest. Luxury hotels, villas and the top gastronomic offer are the features that will make you recognize and remember Palić. Promenades, beaches, bike trails, cultural, entertainment and sport facilities, as well as a variety of events are complementing the offer of this tourist destination.

There are legends that say that the lake is rest of the Pannonian Sea, but that it was derived from shepherd Paul’s tears who pastured his flock. The lake was created in ancient times as outcrop lake, although the lake water is mostly derived from rainfall that filled valley. Water is poured from the surrounding terrain, washing the sodium chloride, so the lake became salty. Palić lake was mentioned for the first time in written documents in 1462. as Pali (Paly). The first drawing or map of the lake (Paligo Palus) comes from the 1690.

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At the end of the eighteenth century it was well-known that lake water and mud have curative characteristic. In addition to the treatment (primarily bone and skin diseases) visitors also came to Palić due to the extremely rich supply of entertainment. The golden age of Palić spa, started in 1880s, after the opening of the railway line Budapest-Zemun in 1883. and tram lines to Subotica in 1897.

After the World War I, when Palić became part of Yugoslavia, the Great (Men’s) beach was built on the east bank of the lake, and it was the largest facility of its kind in the former Yugoslavia.
After World War II beautification of the Palić lake was continued. In 1950., modern Summer stage of non chiping stone was built in pine forest, and since than many artists have performed there. Same year the Zoo opened. Sports Centre with fields for soccer, volleyball, basketball and handball was built during the sixties. Weekend settlement was built on the east bank of the Palić, and many companies have raised resorts for their workers.

In 1978., the first wells of mineral water were dug on Palić, and in 1984. thermal swimming pool was open.
In addition to an existing filter, in 1995. channel Tisa – Palić was put into operation, and it greatly contributed improving the quality of lake water.
Palic was enthroned as a quality and well-known tourist destination, and in 2007. evelopment plan for Palić – Master Plan has been adopted.

How to get here!

If you are already on the lake, visit some of our friendly places.

These are friendly places near where you can find accommodation or food.

Accommodation SOBE**



Along with the attractions of Subotica, there  is our accommodation SOBE**We are proud to announce that our little home has earned two stars (**) for accommodation services from the City of Subotica and its Department of Tourism.  This is a private house of two levels, that has 8 rooms each set up with one, two or more beds and its own private bathroom. Each room has TV, cable, and WiFi connection. >>>View more

Rest house Minic-Palic



Villa Minić is expecting guests throughout the year who want to spend their vacation in the beautiful ambience of the property, Palić and Palić lake. Surrounded by a beautiful courtyard with lots of greenery and flowers, Villa Minić is a summer house that gives guests the perfect vacation. >>>View more

Hedera Club – Palić

HEDERA-CLUBHedera Restaurant

Every Sunday, we expect our dear guests with wealthy family lunch served as buffet meal. We offer specialities of Hungarian, Serbian and international cuisine. >> View more

Hostel Put Svile


Hostel “Put svile” is located in the unique location of the Subotica Bus Station. We have a capacity of 16 beds, 8 rooms with 2 beds each. Free Wi-Fi is included in the service. >>>View more

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