Festivals in Serbia

Serbia hosts some of the best, award-winning festivals that attract young people from all over the world, giving them the opportunity to see their favorite musicians at a relatively low cost, while providing the highest level of enjoyment.

The most significant ones are: Dragačevo Trumpet Festival in GučaEXIT Festival in Novi SadBeer Fest in Belgrade and Nišville Jazz Festival in Niš.


Festival in Guča

exit Novi Sad

EXIT Festival 

beer fest beograd

Beer Fest

Numerous film festivals, visited each year by some of the world’s biggest stars in film: FEST, Kustendorf, the Magnificent Seven Festival, Independent Films Festival, Auteur Film Festival, European Film Festival on Palić… Among the internationally recognized are also the outstanding theatre festival Bitef – Belgrade International Theatre Festival and Belef – Belgrade Summer Festival.

However, if you truly wish to get acquainted with Serbian tradition in a more original and intimate manner, you should visit various minor festivals and events being held across the country. More and more tourists are recognizing the unique beauty of these local events that depict a tradition specific to a region.

Nišville Jazz Festival 

Nišville Jazz Festival