Best places in Western Serbia!

Golubac Fortress

Golubac fortress.Like a sad, lonely Byzantine princess, like an eternal vigilant guard by whom no one can slip into the Djerdap gorge (eng. The Iron Gates of the Danube), the famous Golubac fortress has been defying centuries. >>Read more.

SerbienLepinski Vir

Lepenski Vir. Cultural center of prehistoric world was right here in what today is Serbia. The culture of Lepenski Vir is around 8,5 millennia old and it is a cradle of archaeological discoveries that have changed our knowledge about the early Stone Age in Europe. >>Read more.


Djerdap gorge. The deepest, largest and most attractive gorge in Europe consists of four gorges of imposing beauty: Golubac, Gospođina Vira, Kazan and Sipska. However, the most interesting and geomorphologically specific landscapes are the areas of Štrpce, as well as the areas of Great and Small Kazan, where the Danube demonstrates its narrowest (140m) and deepest (90m) points. >>Read more.

Lazar’s canyon

Lazar’s canyon. Carved out in the Kučaj mountain range by the Lazar’s river, Lazar’s canyon is the deepest and longest canyon in eastern Serbia. It is 4,5 kilometres long, and, in its narrowest point, 3 metres wide and 500 metres deep. >>Read more.

felix Romulijana2

Felix Romuliana. The monumental imperial palace Felix Romuliana was created when the Roman Emperor Gaius Galerius Valerius Maximianus, in the late period of his reign, decided to withdraw to his birth place. >>Read more.

rtanj 1

Rtanj mysterious mountain. Rtanj represents a phenomenon which attracts more and more tourists, scientists, mountaineers and adventurers each year. Everybody who has visited this mountain at least once, claims that they felt some…>>Read more.