Best places in Northern Serbia!

Sremski Karlovci

Sremski Karlovci. It is said that every building, house and street in Sremski Karlovci have their own stories to tell, for this city was beyond doubt famous for its spirituality and culture of Serbia…>>Read more.

fruska-goraFruška Gora. Ninety million years ago, Fruška gora mountainwas an island in Pannonian sea. When the sea went dry, the island remained without its aquatic neighbor, but in exchange nature bestowed upon it the role of the only mountain in the flat Vojvodina, raised in the shape of a narrow reef, approximately 46 miles long, from which extend single lateral reefs flourishing with oak, hornbeam, beech and basswood forests.>>Read more.

Petrovaradin fortress Novi Sad clockCity of Novi Sad. There are many legends about the foundation of this city. Since prehistoric times, many nations have lived in this area. The Petrovaradin fortress, that is the symbol of the city, dates from the Middle Ages, but it were the Austro-Hungarians that gave it the look it has today. >>Read more.

Fantast Castle

Castles in Vojvodina.

The romantic jewels of the plains of Vojvodina, the magnificent witnesses of times long gone by and the devoted guardians of tradition. Their architecture will easily fascinate you, their charm will captivate you and their legends intrigue you. They are the castles of Vojvodina and they are ready to take your breath away! >>Read more.

palic like 2-min

Palic Lake Subotica

There are legends that say that the lake is rest of the Pannonian Sea, but that it was derived from shepherd Paul’s tears who pastured his flock. The lake was created in ancient times as outcrop lake, although the lake water is mostly derived from rainfall that filled valley. Water is poured from the surrounding terrain, washing the sodium chloride, so the lake became salty. >>Read more.