Best places in Eastern Serbia!


Natural Reserve Uvac. he main attraction of the Reserve is the habitat of Griffon vulture.Bird’s wing span is about 3m, weight – up to 11 kg which makes this griffon biggest bird in Serbia. >>Read more.

Stopica cave

Stopica cave. The cave entrance, at 711 meters above sea level, is 18 meters high and 35 meters wide. It is a river cave as the Trnavski stream flows through it. Its main attraction is a 10 meters high underground waterfall. >>Read more.

perucac lake 1-min

Lake Perućac. The artificial lake Perućac is located in Western Serbia, on the very border with Bosnia & Herzegovina, at the altitude of 290 meters. It was created by damming the flow of the Drina river and construction of the hydroelectric…>>Read more.

Zlatibor mountain

Zlatibor mountain.A legend says that it was named after white pines with yellow needles like old gold that once covered the beautiful slopes of Mt. Zlatibor. Today the last “golden” pine can be seen in the village of Negbina. >>Read more.


Šargan Eight railroad. Just like people in 1974 said their goodbyes to the train that had been driving them safely to the desired station, twenty years later, the desire of reviving at least one of its parts and feel the bygone spirit of the past, has appeared again. >>Read more.