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White Angel fresco

Fifty years ago, in the first satellite broadcast of Europeans’ video greeting to Americans, the fresco of “White Angel” symbolized Europe and the peace it brings between the continents. The same signal was transmitted sometime later to the space towards possible extraterrestrial life forms. This fresco is from the Serbian Monastery. >>> Read more

Milorad Rajčević the first Serb who traveled the world.

Milorad Rajcevic 1png


Milorad Rajčević from Leskovac is the first Serb who traveled the world. Milorad was born in the late 19th century in the vicinity of Leskovac. He finished 4 grades of primary school and 2 of civic school. He was interested in painting, so, at the age of 15, Milorad traveled to Vienna where studied painting at the court painter >>> Read more 


The most beautiful places in Serbia.

Take a look at some of the most beautiful places in Serbia. We have selected national parks, the natural resources of Serbia, the most beautiful lakes, caves, villages, as well as cities that have real historic national treasures, such as medieval fortresses and other important buildings.
You can see very old monasteries, prehistoric sites and many other places that give this national identity and culture. >>> Click HERE and see more 

Depending on where you are or where you want to go.

Choose, East, West, North or South.


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Friendly Locations in Republic of Srpska ( Bosnia and Herzegovina )


Motorcycle Caffe grill. The city of Bijeljina!

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All who come by motorcycle from a distance of 200 and more kilometers is …

 —– Free meals! —–

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Choose the best routes!

If you are just passing through or choosing to spend the holidays and discover Serbia, we have some of the best routes for you to travel.


Ninety million years ago, Fruška Gora mountain was an island in the Pannonian sea. When the sea went dry, the island remained without its aquatic neighbor, but in…..>>> Read more

Biker Friendly Locations

Biker-friendly-Serbia-logo-2We have found the best accommodation for you, places where the best national food is. These friendly places are not the cheapest but they are not the most expensive, they are simply the best combination.
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The most popular events in Serbia!

beer fest beograd

You may find yourself nearby. Read more about the most popular events in Serbia. >>>or just get to know them


This archaeological site is proof that 7,000 years B.C. there was a settlement there. It is considered to have been the center of a civilization…. >>>Read MORE

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fortresses and castles


Serbian national food!


The past of our people will not be completely clear to us until his life is examined in all his ides. >>READ MORE